Address: Episcop Mihai Pavel 4, 3700 Oradea, BH, RO
Tel: 059-136492, Fax: 059-430509

PS Virgil BERCEA Eparchy of Oradea is pastorated by PS Virgil Bercea, Bishop of Oradea.

Born: December 9, 1957
Priest: December 9, 1982
Bishop: July 8, 1994

The Catedral is still taking by the Ortodhox Church The Catedral "St. Nicholas".

Eparchy patron is "St. Nicholas".

Eparchy of Oradea Basic data:

Greek-Catholics: 100.000
Archparishes: 10
Parishes: 127
Priests: 126
Monks: 26

Short history:

Living under the same calvinist circumstances, the Romanians that inhabited the area of Bihor, also embraced the union with the Church of Rome in 1700. They were at first lead by the Bishop of Făgăraș, but arround the 1738 they started to build a new Eparchy – that of Oradea. Its recognition came later on June 16, 1777, when Pope Pius VI established the Eparchy of Oradea, by the Indefessum.

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