The Peaceful Liberation of the Holy Places in the XIV Century

I - 2 Pagan-Roman Period (135-326)

The Roman Emperor Hadrian constructed a grandiose pagan temple over the sites of Golgotha and the garden tomb of Jesus. He dedicated the Temple to Jove and Venus. In Bethlehem he built a sacred grove over the Grotto of the Nativity. Despite these profanations the local Christians and pilgrims remembered that these new buildings were built on sites that had been consecrated by the presence of their Lord. These sites commemorated events associated with his life. Consequently when they went to these places they prayed in low voices in order to protect themselves.(*2)

*2 - A bibliography for the first three centuries of Christian pilgrimages was compiled by T. Tobler - A. Molinier, Itinerum Hierosolymitanorum et descriptionum Terrae Sanctae series chronologica, II, Geneva 1885, 3-30.

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